Cascading Rain Catcher

Cascading Rain Catcher

from 85.00

The Cascading Rain Catcher has multi levels of rain cups, with different sized rain catchers, these pieces of art are completely unique and are all made up differently, so you won’t be purchasing the one pictured. We can always e-mail or social media you a photo of your Rain Catcher, to make sure you are 100% happy.

The medium is approximately 70 - 80cms tall and have 10 - 13 cups.

The Large is approximately 80 - 100cms tall and has 13 - 17 cups.

The X-large is approximately 90 -110cms tall and has 20 -25 cups

They gently chime when brushed against, move slightly in the wind, look lovely placed amongst your plants and quite surprisingly to me, the bees and butterflies love to stop on them for a drink!

The one in the photographs is a Medium

Mrs Fox’s range is forged around her passion for plants, it is carefully designed, created and handmade from steel that will turn rusty and age beautifully in your garden. These designs are off limited quantities and are made to order for you - so please allow us a little extra time making them.

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