Ticking Fork

Ticking Fork


I've never been a fan of 'Forking the garden' the end result will leave nooks and crannies, shaded from the sun, sheltered from the rain, perfect for them little weed seeds...  Although some times we can use this to our advantage.

It looks like a normal fork actually its very different, it's 143cm long with a 13cm wide head and 16cm long tines, it's perfect for working in packed beds where a hoe action would be impossible, incorprating compost in small spaces between plants.

The story goes: Fergus Garrett, Head gardener at Great Dixter House & Gardens was given the original tool from a fisherman in North Wales, everyone that used it fell in love. Sneeboer have recreated the magic, improving it by giving it a slightly longer handle and its central tine was extended to give greater precision when dealing with individual stubbon weeds.

As with all Sneeboer tools, it's handmade in the Netherlands using the finest quality Stainless Steel.

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