Giant Allium Bud

Giant Allium Bud


Plant Supports that are Handmade in Mr Fox's Garden. They are made from steel that will turn rusty and age beautifully in your garden.

When we send out the plant supports they will normally be in their steel form, or just starting to rust, we personally make them for your order. If your preference is the fully rusted pieces then please ask.

These Alliums are made on 1.5 meter 10mm steel rods, so they are tall, very strong, sturdy and heavy. We need to cut them down to a max of 120cm to be able to post them at a reasonable charge. If you prefer the longer lengths, then please contact us - as you could pick them up from one of the many flower shows that we exhibit at, or can collect them yourself from our garden. We can deliver locally or there are some other delivery options for posting the longer heavier items, dependant on volume - but please contact us for details. You can specify any length you would like, up to 2 meters tall.

posted - H120cm

Flower Bud 13cm

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