About Mr fox's garden

On leaving school James followed the family footsteps and became a gardener, finding an apprenticeship placement with the local authority, he attained his NVQs over the next three years.  After leaving the council James traveled the worlds botanical gardens returning to set up his own landscaping company in the north of England.

Several years past, many lovely gardens were built but James got tired of waiting till April for the daffs so he relocated to the warmth of Devon and spent some time pursuing other interests, mainly Photography, Music and Cycling.

In Devon James met Catherine, who shares a passion for Plants and Photography,  together they traveled the West Country from Park to Garden, City to Country looking for the best...

Just as the French are renowned for their passion of food and the Swiss for timekeeping,  there was once a time when the English were praised for their gardens, 

 Mr Fox's Garden was born to help rejuvenate England's passion for Gardens.