A new addition to the family

So...  Summer was so busy, Weeding and Welding, Picking, Packing and Posting, Gardening and more Gardening;   We could hardly find a minute to get near a computer,  then in October, little George was born, (things got really busy then). In late November we took this picture with the intention of typing a little blog, but Christmas orders started flooding in and it never happened.

Anyway its January the 16th and things are starting to settle down slightly, we've had 'some' sleep and today rain stopped play, so... We're back, here it is, our blog.  We'll be up dating more often from now on.

We do hope you all had a lovely festive season and that you're having plenty of nice Soups, Stews and Roast dinners while the weathers grim. That's it for now.  Best wishes James and Family

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We're Back


(With Baby George)

james fox